Strategy Development
  • Know how you need to win in your target markets.
  • Ensure your resources are aligned to a wining growth strategy.
  • From quick retreats to multi-month war-room teams, we can help you know the priorities that enable your success.

Executive Coaching
  • Do you need a trusted and savvy sounding board?
  • Is there a key player who is not understanding what must be delivered?
  • Do some seem unable to hold people accountable?
  • We have the frameworks to make performance easy.

Business Process Re-Engineering
  • How would you benefit if the work got done 30% faster? How about 70% faster?
  • Processes are like people, they get flabby and wasteful.
  • Objectively map where value is created and accelerate it through process re-engineering and start saving lots of money.

Execution Management Audit
  • When 90% of strategies are not effectively implemented, why would you be immune?
  • Execution management is the discipline of getting strategy done.
  • Take our simple audit questionnaire and discover your execution strengths and weaknesses?

Team Assessments
  • Do you have the right team supporting you?
  • Are they onboard or just pretending to go along? Do the really buy-in?
  • Having a team upon which you can trust and depend is essential to your success.
  • Let us help you know who will has got your back or targeting your back.

  • Your message is often filtered by employees because after all, you’re the boss.
  • We can clarify what needs to be heard with speeches targeting and amplifying your vision.
  • We customize speeches to fit any length and venue from intimate team dinner to podium conferences.
  • Pick any relevant management topic: performance, accountability, strategy, execution management, goal setting, values-behavior, or why change initiatives fail.

  • Let’s face it: you need to pull people together to address a critical issue.
  • But running the meeting prevents you from contributing.
  • You need an expert facilitator to help structure the exercises, control the tempers, and herd talent to get the results you need.
  • We can structure just about any workshop from 5 to 200 participants, customized to your specific outcomes and constraints.

We were challenged by Larry Bossidy to develop a compelling strategy and that’s exactly what Mulvey and our war-room contributors delivered. In fact, we were heralded in our annual report as corporate heroes. You can’t beat that!
Basile Papaevangelou, President, AlliedSignal Aerospace Canada