Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering, shouldn’t require an engineer


Do You Know Which
Business Processes
Are Out of Shape?

Business Process Re-engineering became something of a consulting firm fad in the early nineties.  Data confirmed that most processes embodied tremendous levels of waste, which is still true today.  With that came competition and increasingly elaborate tools and processes for the processes.

It’s not that complicated.  It is just methodical common sense.  To this day, much of the waste remains.  If you sense a process is taking too long, or wasting resources, it probably is.  With some expert coaching, sticky notes, interviews, and Excel, we can determine where the waste is and your people get credit for eliminating it.

  • We map today’s (AsIs) process
  • We verify the process
  • We synthesize the new streamlined (ToBe) process.
  • We vet the process with all key stakeholders
  • We calculate the savings in implementing it
  • We delineate the decisions, service line items, escalations and alarms.
  • We train your people how to do the new process
  • With your supervision we disable the old procedures from being run on the side

Why Bad Processes
Happen to Good People

All processes have basic parameters in common: an input, an output, and steps in between that are repeated.  Most employees have an in-box and an out-box and are not really sure where the work originates or where it ends up.  Organizational fiefdoms grow over time and are not effectively challenged.

Payback is usually four months no matter what the process, whether it is: accounts receivable, order fulfillment, site selection, new store openings, new product commercialization, or anything else.

Process is process and like people and organizations, they get fat.  Do you need a fitness coach to take out the process waste and get streamlined?