Execution Management Audit

What is Strategy
Execution Management?

How do you know if your organization has the skills to effectively implement a sound strategic plan?  Just take our audit and you can immediately determine your strategy execution management maturity.

The audit asks 10 questions and gives you answers from which to choose.  The questions concern:

  • Strategy Development – Is your strategy clear and straightforward?
  • Goal Alignment – Are your organization’s priorities aligned with your strategy?
  • Action Planning – Do you have the steps detailed that will assure implementation?
  • Holding People Accountable – Does your organization make accountability easy?

We ask questions in each category and immediately provide you with an analysis based upon your responses.

When you complete the audit, you will immediately know where your execution skills are underdeveloped and have insight as to what to do.

Take the audit and bring the results to the executive who will know what to do next.