Team Assessments

Is your team, the right team?

What to look for
in Assessing Talent

How do you know if your team is the one you need?  It’s simple: you formulate your own opinion and then you get a second opinion.  The easiest way to do both is to implement a performance agreement between you and each member of your staff.

Then you interact with them monthly, through that agreement as well as normal business.  By this method, you will quickly discern:

  • If they are right for the job assigned
  • If they can be developed within the time you have to produce results
  • If they need to be reassigned or their scope modified
  • If they need to be released

While this is going on, the senior executive consultant from our firm, who facilitated implementation of this process and tool, is coaching you in providing coaching to your people.  Simultaneously, our consultant has visibility into the performance agreements of your people.

When you form an opinion, they can immediately validate it or help you analyze it a little further. Very quickly you will decide what to do, and you will do so with complete confidence that it is the right decision.

We don’t perform a bunch of surveys, and personality profiles, with meaningless graphics that nobody ever really uses.  We just pay attention to the jobs at hand and what needs to be done.

We are not about group dynamics and making everybody feel good.  We are about performance.  Top performers are always happily unsatisfied.

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