Workshops Accelerate Knowledge By Doing

Why Use Custom Workshops

We at the Center for Strategy Execution can provide an entire array of workshops tailored to your organizations current needs.  Most often they are related to strategy development and strategy execution management, but also include all aspects of performance coaching.

We provide workshops in:

  • How to set up a war room and launch a strategy development effort
  • How to create an effective strategy pyramid
  • How to identify and prioritize internal barriers and obstacles to growth
  • How to ensure goals are aligned with strategy and cascaded through the organization
  • How to convert goals into action plans
  • How to hold people accountable for progress and results
  • How to conduct a strategy retreat
  • How to extract customers needs for your next generation products
  • How to re-engineer your key business processes
  • How to balance strategic initiatives with your routine day job

We also manage war rooms to ensure effective strategy development and execution planning.